Out of order!!

Machines going out of order is acceptable. Toilets under maintenance, as well, is bearable.
The potentiality of eliminating of clogs, blocks and all kinds of chunks, be it from a human heart or a pipeline of any kind is feasible.
Ousting of substantial disorders is relatively attainable than impalpable.
But, what if, the impediment is nowhere but mentally.

YES! a mental block, struggling to survive through this post anticipating losing it all.

Never have I ever faced this before. Is it for never being a writer or tedious previous months? (I always wanted to use the ‘never have I ever’ phrase, I get to use it at last. YAYY!!)

Or, is my creativity being crushed by my angst and stress?
Or, is it the change I am going through in my life?
Instead of relaxing and relishing the mini-uninvited break, being all jittery is the only task I have accomplished with perfection.
Months have gone by, staying motivated initially meant smooth sailing through the silent sea oblivion of the intramural storm rising with each passing day.

The mental block is piling up, so, today, deciding to go against the flow and write all about it. Since 11:00 am, struggling and yet, here I am, at 5:00 pm still battling for words and focus.

Sharing experiences:
Recently, at a local centre, I happen to meet an individual who invested his savings from his job in setting up three shops in the marketplace.
Only to find them turn to ashes one morning from the night’s blaze. Around AED half a million trickling down to just AED 500 in the pocket.
However, Love and tragedy, both, as unpredictable as our future with no fixed time, place or scenario.
Overnight bankruptcy, lifelong savings down the drain, not to mention his breakup at the time, yet, the man is content and grateful as his employees or himself remained unharmed. Helping him filter the right kind of people worth sticking around while emphasizing the value of life over the love of objects.

Positivity floods through when we meet such experienced people elevating appreciation for our situation.
Nonetheless, it is all right to go through dejection and lowliness. However, to stay dejected and miserable is not alright.

This post is my attempt to get back to what I love doing, ‘blogging’.

Let us know in the comments below, have you suffered from a mental block ever or have risen stronger from your previous fall?? Would love to hear your story.

Count your blessings!!

Every breath we take,

Every step we take,

Every morning sun and every starry night

are blessings. 

We may feel low, we may be sad, we might want to end everything at once, but, hold on….

take a deep breath, look around.

You have a roof to sleep under, what about those who spend their nights on the streets.

Think of those who dig the bins to fight rumbling stomach with hunger, when you frown at the dish you have been offered for dinner.

Count your blessing!! Alhumdulillah!!

Let the street beggar cross your mind before you crib about the little cash you are left with at the end of the month.

Hatred towards your parents should be impossible after you feel for the orphan who ends his day in a cold bed without any arms around him.

Fights with your spouse should not last for more than an hour when you see someone cry on the loss of his spouse in a car accident. 

Beauty and health are to be cherished and be thanked for, when you know there are many out there fighting terminal illness and various deformities.

A peaceful society is to be thanked for when the news flashes videos of bomb struck and red alert areas, where a person cannot move around without the fear of death hovering above his head.

After realizing various kinds of scenarios around us in society, we have to be grateful for whatever we have. 

Everyone has their fair share of ups n downs, but life doesn’t end there.

With every turmoil, you have to realise that this is a phase, and everything will fall into place.

Even if we are in the worst of a situation, there are still blessings upon us to be thankful for and to help us stay positive. 


Be thankful and count your blessings at all times. 

Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever does not thank people has not thanked Allah.”

Source: Sunan Abī Dāwūd 4811


Do not give up, stand up tall, start with counting your blessings.

When in the situation, I understand that staying positive and thankful is one of the most difficult things when only negativity is taking a toll on your mind. Still, count your blessings, thank people around you, express your love for them.

Self-motivation is an instant outcome of being grateful for your blessings from people around you and your Lord.


Do not let negative thoughts take over your thinking process, stay positive.

Positivity comes from thanking people around you and counting your blessings. 

Keep a constant check on your blessings which proves to be a great source of self motivation.