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Black & Yellow

Black & Yellow is very popular and commonly used when it comes to fashion attires.

As we are keeping up with the trends, let me highlight a fun fact. Shades of yellow have been topping the list followed by various other neutral and loud shades.

SO today, I bring to you an outfit of Yellow and Black.

The outfit idea of pairing a bumble bee yellow bell sleeves top is again a great addition to our ‘beg, borrow & steal’ segment, as it belongs to my sister.

Here is the outfit.

yellow bell sleeves top with a black pencil skirt paired for office use and a casual wear.
A yellow bell sleeve top with a black pencil skirt

As the image shows, a bumble bee yellow top with wide bell sleeves with frills is matched with a black pencil skirt.

To add oomph to the outfit, I decided to try out leaving the top not in-shirt and instead accesorize it with a waist belt on it. The outfit is then completed with a black hijab.


To keep it simple, a black and gold ring with a black and gold slim watch is worn. For shoes, black Mary Jane heels is worn.

The above out is perfect for office wear. It is classy and chic.

The pencil skirt is a great accessory for every girls wardrobe as it can be styled both for casual as well as formal wear.

Tis outfit is paired as an office wear. If for casual you can add a little more fun jewellery like rings, bracelets and even a necklace.

Pro tip:

When you are unsure, ensure to add black to you attire. Black always saves the day.

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DO let us know in the comments, how you like the outfit?

Stay home, stay safe.

Netted overcoat

A netted overcoat with a silver shine.

As we commenced a segment “beg, borrow & steal”, I bring to you my mom’s classic long overcoat.

It is another elegant piece from my mom’s timeless collection.

The highlight of this overcoat is that my mom owned it when she was 18 years old.

She had set it aside for discarding it.

Thanking my inquisitive side, when it comes to my mom’s wardrobe, I had to dig in for a good look at the pile for taking into my possession whatever I found not worth chucking out.

The long silver net overcoat has been with me for quite some time now. And, here I am sharing with you my pretty outfit idea using my mom’s old outfit element.

Here is the outfit, you all.

Long overcoat. Silver net overcoat, beg borrow steal, elegant outfit, modest fashion, hijab fashion, bling outfit

In the image above, I have worn a black inner tee, with black velvet trousers with a black hijab and black checkered strap sandals. The spotlight is stolen by the long silver overcoat.

For accessorizing, I chose a simple black and silver ring.

Sleeves of the inner being long, I opted for a minimal look.

The inner can also be white, however, the long overcoat will not then stand out as much. The other colours the overcoat can be paired with is grey, white, silver or red. Do let me know in the comments below if you have more colour combination ideas for the coat in the post.

The overcoat is long, elegant and very classy. Hence, paired with wide-legged trousers.

Pairing it with denim could also be a great idea.

However, I decided on the above outfit coz I wanted the long coat to be the focal point of the outfit.

Do let me know in the comments below if you have better ideas to pair such long elegant overcoats with.

Stay tuned for more such interesting outfit ideas on ‘Beg, Borrow and Steal’.

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As we continue to occupy ourselves with the Panache section of Glittercut.com, we bring to you ample outfit ideas.

As summer sets in and you want to still wear boots, then this one is for you.

A cool red summer frock paired with a casual blue denim textured shirt is a perfect modest look you can opt for.

For footwear, you can have experiment as you like. I have paired it with black ankle boots and additional black details were added using a black waist belt and a black hijab.

Footwear which will go well with the outfit can be chunky disrupters, stilettoes and even casual sandals or mules.

Do let us know in the comment, which footwear would you opt for with this dress.