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Mesh top with threadwork hijab outfit

Mesh top with threadwork hijab outfit.

“Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway.” – Coco Chanel

When it comes to fashion, the above quote is my favourite and I seem to put it into practice on a daily basis.

All the outfits showcased on are a great fit for everyone for various occasions.

However, most of our attires presented go well for a regular office day or for an evening out.

Therefore, let us get started with our new outfit of the day.

Side note: I wore this outfit to the office, as it is classy, elegant and chic with a formal finish.

Mesh top with threadwork hijab outfit

mesh top with embroidery paired with a pencil skirt and monochrome inner color and strap sandals with a burgundy hijab
Mesh top with emroidered details

As the image shows, we have a mesh top partly covered in multicoloured thread work. The netted top comes with a round neck and bell sleeves. The colored embroidery consists of shades of green, burgundy and white thread work.

As the netted mesh offers a black meshed background for the threaded artwork. Hence, we paired the top with a burgundy base inner. By pairing with a similar coloured base, the threadwork gets enhanced and livens up the outfit.

The Bottoms:

The mesh top with the inner is paired with a black pencil skirt and strapped sandals.

The Hijab:

the outfit is finalized by adding a burgundy hijab. The colour of the hijab is burgundy to allow the top to steal the limelight. However, the pairing can also be done with a hijab of a suitable green shade like saga green, moss green or a pickle green.

Pro Tips:

mesh top with embroidery paired with a pencil skirt and monochrome inner color and strap sandals with a burgundy hijab grid photography and flat lay display
Outfit flat lay display

The inner may be replaced with a white or a black inner and change the look of the outfit.

The shade of the hijab has to be played around with.

For the bottoms, you can wear trousers or denim for a more casual look.

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Do let us know in the comments below if you have any more ideas or input on the outfit of the day.

Fringed Top Hijab Outfit

Fringed top hijab outfit

Panache le Glittercut comes to your screens with amazing outfit ideas and trust me you guys are just amazing.

The support and love our outfit ideas are received is overwhelming. With every passing post we are getting better, bigger and boundless.

Today’s post is a pretty outfit, perfect fit for an evening or your day at work. (I wore it to work :-D)

After all, when you have the confidence and a smile on, you can never be overdressed or underdressed, you just tend to be you and beautiful.

So, let’s dive in.

Fringed Top Hijab Outfit:

Fringed Top outfit with pleated velvet skirt. #ootd, burgundy hijab, stilettoes
Fringed top hijab outfit.

What we have here is a fringed black velvet top, a pleated rust metallic brown velvet skirt.

Let’s shed a light on each. The fringed top is made up of pure black lace with thick black velvet fringes. So, to go with out modest fashion theme pairing it with an inner was a necessity as it is a see-through top. For the pleated velvet skirt, it is slightly above the ankle, so you may wear it alone, or pair it with leggings to cover the ankles (that’s how I did it).

Now, we will put the outfit together.

Fringed Top outfit with pleated velvet skirt. #ootd, burgundy hijab, stilettoes
Fringed top with pleated skirt

The Outfit:

The fringed black velvet top is worn with a black inner and paired with a velvet metallic rust brown skirt. For hijab, it was quite tricky, as I was not looking to pair it with black. If paired with black or brown it would have been too dull and dark. In order to add a pop to the outfit, I decided to go with my sister’s suggestion. We selected a burgundy pashmina to compliment the skirt, to which my surprise did an amazing job spicing up the look.

For shoes, we chose a black strap sandals as it would add to the elegance and compliment the ankle length skirt.

We ditched the accessories for this one, as I really didn’t have anything exact matching the outfit. However, I did put on a tiny rustic silver ring with a maroon stone just to ornament the bare fingers.

The color pop with the scarf elevated the complete look and also made it look stunning.


Instead of strap sandals, you can also opt for stilettoes or ankle boots.

Hijab of various shades and complimenting colors can be given a shot.

Do let us know in the comment below, what jewelry would you pair with it and what color hijab would you opt for.

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See you soon in the next post.

Glitter Sneaker Outfits

Glitter Sneaker Outfits – When in doubt, add glitter.

Everything that sparkles and has a classy shine to it never fails to grab my attention.

Be it a sparkly jacket, a bling hijab, a sequenced top or even a glittery shoe has a special preference over any other piece of fashion accessory or clothing.

I usually do not wait for any occasion or any special event to add a little glitter to my outfit. Classic style sparkle and glitter always give your outfit extra leverage adding to your style.

Wearing a suitable sparkly top or an accessory to work is also a good idea only if done right and in the right quantity.

In this post, we have very unique fashion apparel that most of my readers will find useful and handy.


Glitter Sneaker outfits can be tricky to be put together, as they can prove to be a wardrobe malfunction if not paired right.

As I needed my shoes to be the star of the day, I made sure that it was paired with complete black with bits and pieces of rose gold here and there.

In the above picture, Rose gold sneakers steal the spotlight. The complete black outfit plays the background to the rose gold drama of the outfit.

Black velvet trousers with plain black tee are quite casual. The elegance and fashion statement is added to the recipe by pairing up with a rose gold hijab.

The look elevates to another level when the shoes complete the look.

A rose gold glitter clutch goes well with the black outfit and compliments the shoes beautifully. Rose gold mesh belt wristwatch and a rose gold ring give the look its final touches.

Rose Gold Outfit II

Glitter sneaker outfit ideas- rose gold sneaker outfits. grid outfit, denim jacket, casual outfit, modest fashion, flatlay photography

In the second outfit, Rose gold sneakers were worn just for adding sparkle to my outfit and did not mean for them to steal the limelight. So, playing with close colours was the idea that goes well with the shoes.

In the picture (left), black denim with a black tunic top is worn with a denim oversize ripped long jacket.

To go well with the shoes, a peanut brown hijab is worn loose complimenting the loose jacket casual look.

The casual look is then given a twist of elegance with a rose gold metal strap watch and a rose gold ring.

The black hobo sequenced bag completes the look.

Last but not the least, our sneakers definitely did a great job in adding moons and stars to the look.

Glitter sneaker outfit ideas- rose gold sneaker outfits. grid outfit, denim jacket, casual outfit, modest fashion, flatlay photography
Rose Gold sneaker outfit idea

Do let me know in the comments section, how did you like this look. And do you think you can try out this look?

If yes, please do share some pics with me as well, I would love to be the audience.

However, for our next Panache post, do let me know what you want me to write about. any suggestions or any particular accessory or a fashion outfit. Let me know in the comments below.

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First Styling Gig

First Styling Gig – Shirt Dress. Casual Elegant attire

 “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” — Joshua J. Marine”

As we ascend the ladder of successful fashion ideas, we were honoured with an all-new opportunity in the previous week.

With the first styling gig, we have more great news to share with our readers, which will be out in the next Glittercut Post. SO, stay tuned.

Last week, my sister-in-law and I were out on a shopping spree and for the same, I put together her outfit. (more like shaped it up).

First Styling Gig – White Shirt Dress

First Styling Gig - White Shirt Dress. Casual Elegant attire . tips to fix a shirt dress too loose or too long
A shirt dress shaped up.

For this casually elegant look, we have a long shirt dress in pure white made of synthetic cotton paired with skin-tight dark blue denim and a greyish blue satin hijab.


In order to give the outfit a casual hint, we opted for the black and white chunky sneakers.

However, to make the attire perfectly elegant and chic, so the chunky sneakers can be replaced with heels or mules of your choice.

The colour of the heel can also be shocking red or black to add drama to the look.


Now here is the fun part.

She walked out of her room with the shirt dress on with the denim, which was a faux pas. The long white shirt was loose, misfit and most of all it was too long enough for her to trip over. Hence, we added a silver link chain waist belt. With the belt’s support, we tucked the shirt upwards making it bulge at the waist for the sides and shortening its length simultaneously.

The belt with the shirt’s upward pull shaped up the outfit stunningly. The belt saved the day. Also, we added a silver bracelet to decorate the wrists.

Do let us know in the comments below if you have any better ideas to fix the long dress shirt.

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Tapered Trouser

Tapered trouser outfit

Tapered trouser refers to a pant style which is lose at the waist and narrows down to the ankle. It comes in various fabrics and can be used for formal wear as well as casual wear.

For today’s outfit of the day, Panache Le Glittercut brings to you tapered trouser outfit perfect for office or a day out.

Outfit: Tapered Trouser

tapered trouser outfit with a satin blouse and gold mules
Tapered trouser outfit

As we can see in the image, a fine pleated satin blouse in bottle green shade with puff sleeves is worn with a tan shaded tapered trousers.

The top is tucked from the front while it has been let loose at the back. This has several reasons, among which most important is, it adds layers to the outfit and it covers the behind falling in line with out modest fashion concept.

For hijab, we chose a light gold satin stole to compliment the outfit.


The buckle belt on the trouser adds oomph to complete attire, hence, not much accessories come to play, except a statement ring with stones in shades of brown and gold.

To elevate the look, I have opted for a high heel golden mules which falls in line with the tan shade of the trouser and the hijab while giving company to the golden belt detail on the trouser.

Pro Tip:

Many different shoes can be paired with the outfit like flats, wedges, stilettoes or strap sandals. However, the color of the shoes and style should be taken into consideration.

I envision a look for the day to be classy, chic and elegant, hence, I paired with high heeled mules.

In order to give a casual relaxed look, the outfit can be paired with wedges or flats.

So, before deciding on the outfit, decide how you want to dress for the day.

Do let us know in the comments below, how you liked our out of the day.

And do not forget to smile.

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Modest Fashion

Modest Fashion

What makes an outfit modest and stand out from the regular attire.

It is a term growing globally while being adopted widely by girls and women of all ages, races, castes and cultures. 

With modest fashion comes numerous benefits.

In this Panache Le Glittercut post, we aim to enlighten women who aspire to master modest attire along with its pros. 

WHAT is Modest Fashion?

Modest attire refers to a dressing style that is covered, decent and follows particular guidelines, which we will see later in the article. A modest outfit may or may not include a hijab (headscarf).

An outfit gets labelled as modest with the following checkpoints:

  • The attire is not figure-hugging.
  • The fabric isn’t see-through. For a sheer fabric garment, it’s layered with innerwear or outerwear.
  • The outfit doesn’t highlight the bosom shape and making it prominent. 
  • The length of the top should preferably be right below your hip to conceal your behinds.
  • The fitting of the outfit is an essential factor of modest fashion. Ensure it is loose-fitting and conceals your body frame.

All of the above, fulfilled will get your entry into modest fashion, however, adding a headscarf or an appropriate hijab covering your hair and neck is when it gets into the hijab fashion.   


It is all about perspective. Some may feel liberated in exposing and freedom to move around without the need of covering. 

While others feel liberated by the ability to move, perform, excel and strive while being covered and dressed modestly. We will see why is it beneficial to dress modestly.

  • No pressure of staying in good shape
  • No bad hair days
  • Layers, if added perfectly transforms the attire elegantly.
  • Blocks out to eve-teasing and distressing catastrophes
  • Modest fashion is utterly comfortable and easy to carry
  • Can be styled in all kinds of trend; boho, chic, classy, casual, street style, formals, quirky, ethnic and many more.
  • Modest fashion can take you on a pinnacle of elegant dressing with long skirts, maxi dresses, flairs and layers.
  • Modest attire never goes out of style.
  • Offers a wide choice of mixing, matching and paring option with just a handful collection of apparels. So, there are no repeats with an outfit. 
  • Enable you to have basics in your wardrobe at all times as your backup.
  • Faux Pas with modest fashion is the rarest of possibilities.
  • Confidence becomes the second nature for people with modest attire.
  • Most importantly, how you put yourself across is the way others will treat you. And, modest fashion claims respect whenever and wherever. 
  • Last but not the least, it empowers you and frees you from all judgements. It allows us to prove our worth by our performance, goals, achievements and not just our body and appearances.
modest fashion, hijab fashion, cover yourself, modesty, love yourself, be confident, look good feel good, modesty, hijab outfit, modest outfit
Modest Outfit saves you from unwanted attention and glares.


Modesty does not entirely lie with your outfit but with your nature and character. 

So, no matter how anyone judges you, be confident in yourself.

Look Good, Feel Good, and all just for yourself. 

Do let us know in the comments below about your take on modest fashion.

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Rose Gold Sneakers

Rose Gold Sneakers with all the glitter comes to you on Panache Le Glittercut.

Glitter shoes can be tricky to be paired and if it comes in colours like rose gold and other pastel shades, it adds to the tricky part.

However, as Panache Le Glittercut is reaching new heights and thriving in the hijab fashion segment, we decided to give it another shot. To have a look at our previous take on Rose Gold Sneaker, click here.

Outfit: Rose Gold Sneakers

Rose Gold Sneaker outfit ideas. casual outfit, hijab outfit, hijab modelling, hijab blog, hijab fashion
Rose Gold Sneaker Outfit

In our outfit of the day, we have a pinking peach handwoven tee with three fourth sleeves. The tee is of a loose fit pattern. The tee is layered with an off-white sheer synthetic long open jacket. The big buttons with gold rims on the jacket compliment the rose gold details of the outfit.

A straight fit worn-out denim is chosen for the bottoms to add to keep it casual. Final touches are added with the rose gold sneakers.


A plain rose gold fossil watch is chosen for decorating the attire along with a rose gold satin hijab.

Pro Tips:

For bottoms, ankle skirts, trousers in various shades of denim, brown and would also be a classy choice to pair with the rose gold sneakers.

Accessories may vary from chunky bracelets to chunky bangles along with various ring sets or just one big statement ring. But, whichever accessory you opt for ensuring it complements the rose gold of the shoes, as we want it to steal the spotlight for the day.

Endnote: I chose to wear this outfit to my regular day at work. When I was sure I had no apparent meetings and interaction with clients.

Do let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the outfit.

We are certain that our readers have amazing and even quirky, classic ideas which can be proudly added to our fashion segment. Therefore, we call forward all the fashion lovers to be a part of the Glittercut Clique and send us entries for guest blogging. Click here to get in touch with us.

To grab your own pair of sneakers, click here.

Casual outfit

Casual outfit with silver accessories

How regular is it with you all, that you wake up and you are in a specific dress mood? A casual outfit was my choice for the day.

For me, it is very common.

I usually decide my outfit of the day based on my mood.

Casual outfit with silver accessories was all I could decide on.

If I wake up happy, I usually wear something elegant and classy or an outfit with bling details.

Do let us know in the comments below, what is your factor for deciding outfits of the day.

Coming to our outfit of the day, we bring to you an interesting relaxed, chic and a little loud outfit idea.

Casual outfit with silver accessories

Outfit: Casual outfit with silver accessories

Casual outfit with silver accessories,
A casual outfit with a little bling

As we see in the image above, a black long tunic top is topped off with a relaxed long oversized shirt with patchwork prints.

The shirt is multicoloured allowing me to experiment with more colours, combinations and accessories. As it came with tones blue and with shades of orange, I got my silver accessories into play complimenting the blue shades and the laid back look of the attire.

The tunic top is fastened with a silver chunky chain belt which elegantly spices up the outfit with a peek-a-boo effect.

For the bottoms, we have skin-tight dark blue denim while we opted for a plain black hijab.

To top it all off, a silver chain bracelet from my sister’s collection matches perfectly with the waist belt. To boot and to complete the outfit, we have an exciting element finalizing the look, ‘Silver loafers’.

The silver bracelet is a great addition to your jewellery collection, as it comes in handy with most outfits, especially casual ones. For me it is merely another ‘beg, borrow, steal’ situation.

Pro Tip:

Blue denim goes well with the outfit as an all-black outfit would have killed the vibe to a great extent.

When selecting accessories, ensure you have selected the base of the jewellery. Either go for a silver-based, gold-based or rustic or any other base you own. By this, the outfit looks much in place and gives out an idea of how selectively you have designed your look for the day.

Do let us know in the comments below if you have more interesting tips to share with our readers.

Will you try out our Casual outfit with silver accessories, do share with us below.

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Royal Blue Dress

A Royal Blue Dress

The company I worked for, its logo was of baby pink and baby blue, it always caught my interest and since then it has been one of my favorite combinations.

To go a little overboard and try out, panache le glittercut brings to you a bold outfit idea in the sense of color codes.

Royal Blue monochrome gown with a hot pink hijab, as shown in the image below.

royal blue maxi dress, belts, accessories, hijab fashion, hot pink hijab, gold accessories, long necklace, mules, combinations, hijab blogger
A royal blue dress with a hot pink hijab

A royal blue chiffon / georgette fabric styled as a gown. A long maxi dress of plain straight line cut comes with a waist monochrome fabric belt. The dress is paired with a hot pink pashmina hijab.

As we can see the dress is in chiffon and is unicolor, hence, accessorizing and playing around with the color pairing is always a lot of fun.

To begin with, we have paired it with hot pink hijab with gold base accessories along with a dash of white.

The pashmina hijab is commonly used as it is soft, easy to manage and takes good shape. Some hijabs are of other fabric but can give you a tough time managing it. Hence, always ensure the hijab texture and fabric you choose is comfortable and most importantly complimenting your outfit. (you can’t be wearing a cotton hijab on a silk dress)

The attire is a perfect fit for work, casual setting or a subtle event.


A plain maxi dress in royal blue shade of chiffon fabric styled in a straight cut pattern. A hot pink hijab is added to the look making it a perfect color riot.

The look is finalized with a long pearl necklace, a big pink stone ring and a white n gold mule as shoes.

With this we complete our royal Blue monochrome gown with a hot pink hijab look.

Pro Tips: To pair a Royal Blue Dress

The other colors which can be paired with the royal blue are beige, rose gold, lemon yellow, white and gold.

However, There may be other tons of shades which can compliment the royal-ness of the blue, do comment below for more colors.

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To grab your own pair of plain blue gown, click here.

Eid Al Adha Special

As we enjoy an interim with the festival of Eid Al Adha, sheds light on its significance and reasoning. 

To begin with, we would like to restate the fact that Eid Al Adha is a preeminent festival than the Eid Al Fitr (Ramadan Eid) for Muslims all over.

Eid Al Adha (Bakra Eid) is more auspicious and celebrated as it is also the time of Hajj. Hajj is a pilgrimage comprising of visiting the house of Allah SWT in the city of Makkah and performing various customary rituals. 

In the 5 – 6 day Hajj, the last day is devoted to the very famous Sacrament of slaughtering an animal. 

This act has been opposed quite a lot without understanding its true essence. 

A quick overview on the same is as follows:

  1. It is an enactment of the sacrifice made by the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) as an offering to the Lord. 
  2. The slaughter has the following criteria to fulfil:
  •  One year in age for sheep and goats
  • Two years in age for cows and buffalo
  • Five years in age for camels

Qurbani animals for sacrifice can be either male or female. (To read more, click here)

  1. Only if you are earning and are willing to offer a sacrifice in the love of your Lord, then you may. It is not a compulsory act. 
  2. Every sacrificed animal is to be divided into three equal parts. One portion is for distribution within immediate relatives, the second portion is for the poor and the needy. And, the third portion is for ourselves. 

The above allotment has a beautiful reason behind it. 

Eid Al Adha, Bakra Eid, Bakri Eid, Hajj, Pilgrimage, Sharing food, poor, blog post on eid

Often in our immediate family, people are suffering from various financial and monetary crunches. And due to self-respect and other reasons, they suffer in silence. So, sharing the meat with them keeps their self-respect intact while strengthening the family bond while the suffering family gets a happy meal with a joyous festive. 

Poverty has become an inevitable part of the economy. Hence, to help the destitute, one portion is allotted for them. 

As we have the third portion of ourselves, it is to instil a sense of responsibility and evenhandedness. Injecting a sense of equality and humility and not getting a sense of pride at all. 

Fun Fact, It is advised to pet the sacrificial animal as long as one can. It helps the owner to get attached to the beast. It adds to its profound value, as the owner offers an animal to which he is attached. Even if not, it will not diminish the essence of the sacrifice.

The sacrifice is required to be carried out using the halal technique. This technique is famously used by Muslims globally. It is a way of slaughtering the animals contradicting the Stunning Method (which is more painful and leaves a notable amount of blood in the body).

Halal meat, widely consumed by Muslims, is the unique way they slaughter their animals. The gripping science behind the intrigue slaughter technique is fascinating. Halal slaughter involves one pass of the sharp blade across the throat of the animal, severing the carotid arteries, jugular vein and trachea. Letting the animal lose consciousness swiftly while the heart pumps all the blood out. It is a scientifically proven method to be less painful and tenderising the meat further for consumption without any traces of blood. (To read more about halal slaughter, click here.)

Do try dining at a halal restaurant and feel the difference yourself.

Did this post impart a new set of knowledge, or would you like to add something more to it, comment below?