Out of order!!

Machines going out of order is acceptable. Toilets under maintenance, as well, is bearable.
The potentiality of eliminating of clogs, blocks and all kinds of chunks, be it from a human heart or a pipeline of any kind is feasible.
Ousting of substantial disorders is relatively attainable than impalpable.
But, what if, the impediment is nowhere but mentally.

YES! a mental block, struggling to survive through this post anticipating losing it all.

Never have I ever faced this before. Is it for never being a writer or tedious previous months? (I always wanted to use the ‘never have I ever’ phrase, I get to use it at last. YAYY!!)

Or, is my creativity being crushed by my angst and stress?
Or, is it the change I am going through in my life?
Instead of relaxing and relishing the mini-uninvited break, being all jittery is the only task I have accomplished with perfection.
Months have gone by, staying motivated initially meant smooth sailing through the silent sea oblivion of the intramural storm rising with each passing day.

The mental block is piling up, so, today, deciding to go against the flow and write all about it. Since 11:00 am, struggling and yet, here I am, at 5:00 pm still battling for words and focus.

Sharing experiences:
Recently, at a local centre, I happen to meet an individual who invested his savings from his job in setting up three shops in the marketplace.
Only to find them turn to ashes one morning from the night’s blaze. Around AED half a million trickling down to just AED 500 in the pocket.
However, Love and tragedy, both, as unpredictable as our future with no fixed time, place or scenario.
Overnight bankruptcy, lifelong savings down the drain, not to mention his breakup at the time, yet, the man is content and grateful as his employees or himself remained unharmed. Helping him filter the right kind of people worth sticking around while emphasizing the value of life over the love of objects.

Positivity floods through when we meet such experienced people elevating appreciation for our situation.
Nonetheless, it is all right to go through dejection and lowliness. However, to stay dejected and miserable is not alright.

This post is my attempt to get back to what I love doing, ‘blogging’.

Let us know in the comments below, have you suffered from a mental block ever or have risen stronger from your previous fall?? Would love to hear your story.

Finest Endowment

poem, writer,skilled writer, blogger poem, gift in words, thoughtful gifts,thought behind every gift, life is tough,sister love, poem, poetry writing,
Poem for me, by darling sister.

Gifts in any form pull my sentimental string, every single time I receive ’em.
The thought behind every gift itself is so touching.
A poem (above image), a gift to me by my younger sister, a writer who is exceptionally good with words.
It had been the best gift I have ever or will ever receive.
She explained my life in a nutshell and artistically presented it adroitly.
Here is the poem for my viewers to read.

Drop in your feedback in the comments below.

Cold, cold, cold, cold Coffeeee!!

As we all know, we are in the month of Ramadan being observed by the Muslims all over the world.

Apart from the spiritual essence and soul awakening purpose, Ramadan is also famous for its festivity and feasts offered in during the month.

So, this month I have come up with a dedicated segment for the easiest recipes for snacks, iftars, get-togethers or late night snacking.

Fondness for cooking is what I have not assimilated yet, however, I can cook well when I am asked to cook. (It runs in my genes) 😛

Today, in the Ramadan special segment, I would start with my favorite drink. Cold Coffee.

It is easy-peasy and a no-fail recipe for sure.

Cold coffee (servings 1)

(for more servings, do the additions and the math to get the sufficient drink)

cold coffee


Coffee powder (1 Tbsp)

Sugar (1 Tbsp)

Vanilla extract (1/2 tsp)

Ice cubes (3 cubes) (adding this to the blender, makes the drink frothier)

Milk (1/2 glass)

Date honey (1 1/2 Tbsp) / Regular honey can also be used

Chocolate ice cream (4 small scoops)

Garnishing ingredients

(any of these can do)

Whipped Cream (optional) Recipe for homemade whipped cream is mentioned at the end of the post.

Grated Chocolate (optional)

Chocolate Sauce (optional)



Glass / jar / mug (for the beverage to be served in)


In the blender, add coffee powder, sugar, vanilla extract, ice cubes, milk, Date honey, 3 scoops chocolate ice cream and blend till all the ingredients mix well and form a liquid drink.

For serving.

First, take the empty glass in which the drink will be served. Drizzle the chocolate sauce on its sides. Once the side of the glass has been decorated, pour the drink to the glass. Add the remaining scoop of chocolate ice cream and top it up with whipped cream. Trickle a little more chocolate sauce or you can grate the chocolate bar at the top to finish the exotic look of your very tempting cold coffee.

homemade whipped cream (optional)

Homemade whipped cream.


Heavy plain cream (250 ml) (cold)

Sugar (3-4 Tbsp)

Vanilla extract (1 tsp)


whisk / handheld electric whisk


Add cold plain cream to a deep bowl along with sugar and whisk it with your available equipment.

Please whisk till it reaches the stiffness as per your desire.

It is time consuming, so make sure you prepare your whip cream way earlier than the drink.

Whip cream then can be stored in an air -tight container for up to 3-4 days.

Do let us know, how you liked the recipe and would you try it out.

A window to count on!!

Blogging community event – Jugalbandi.

Chapter one – A window to count on

“She gazed out of the window to find a moonless sky full of twinkling stars…”, and within the skies, among the stars, she could see her unfettered self in the world of her dreams, with no confinement.

Zoe, 15, restricted within her home out of cultural and authoritative stipulation surrendering to the norm of the family since ages.
Like many other girls in her country, she could never leave the house except, the day, when she says her vows and steps into her ‘happily after’.
Her gateway into her world of imagination was the only window in her room. The window knew her and had seen the most phases of her growing up than anyone in the household would have ever cared to notice. It was the sole witness to her sorrow, her joy, her beauty unfolding while she confessed her secrets, desires and hope into the thin air through the window.

‘Zoe’, meant life, named by her mother who she loved immensely, while craving for the slightest jolly communication with her father.
Usually complaining, Zoe, had interrogated her mom, as to why she named her ‘Zoe’ while she is just living and not alive.
Only to find her mom responding ‘you gave me life, by coming to this world, and for the reason, I called you ‘Zoe’, you are my life, Zoe’.

Skipping night’s sleep was a preferable affair to sit at the window to feel the crisp wind brush her skin while her hair softly plays along. Her thoughts would wander from running in the woods, going to school, making new friends, singing, dancing and never coming back to her pen. Tears, like all other nights, would assemble on the window sill, leaving a stain on drying, giving away a sneak of the last night’s silent dialogue.

With every passing year, as Zoe bloomed into an elegant teenager, her desire for freedom, grew stronger.

Her other brothers were so well looked after by her father with all the deserved attention, facilities resources to lead a happy childhood.
They went to school, had friends and usually invited them over over suppers for which Zoe just like a good sister had to serve them.
She had happily started serving their friends since ‘Zion’ had been her brother’s newfound-slightly-older friend.
Zion was the sweetest among all his friends, he noticed Zoe and would greet her with a smile and usually exchanged greetings and thank yous. Zion was the only one who would make her feel noticed, while for everyone else she was more than transparent. Lately, all the adrenaline seemed to shoot up, upon his sight or even his smile, while she caught him stealing glances at her in return.
For the first time in ever, she had imagined of another individual by her side while she enjoyed and roamed the lands by free will.

The girls in the neighborhood, if they are lucky enough dodging the abortion of their initial existence seemed to have come with the same destiny as Zoe’s. They all had to finish up the chores, take care of the household and younger siblings while not getting to go to school, or go out in woods, or make new friends. All the girls in the locality had secretly got their confidante in stars, moon, window, ceilings or their pet.

However, their worst nightmare shared by all was to get married in their teens to the man of triple times their age. She had been to Sasha’s wedding earlier this month, she dreaded to be in the situation, as the only memory she has of Sasha is of crying, wailing and getting dragged into the car at the end of the ceremony by her very old groom.

Earlier during the day, overhearing the conversation of her parents her panic-stricken self had managed to compose herself with the utmost difficulty. That night, gazing at the stars, realizing the absence of the moon by the natural darkness spread over the night, she couldn’t hold back her tears, while she wept inconsolably, the words of her parents rung in her head repeatedly. She remembered her mom opposing her father, while he came an announced the news of setting up Zoe’s wedding in the coming week. Zion was one of the many thoughts which occurred repeatedly during that night which increased the tears count immensely.

It was then she decided she could never end up in a much miser situation, and now is the time to make a decision, for the marriage was never going to happen.

But, the puzzle to her liberation and freedom was not yet solved.

Comment below to let us know how you liked the beginning of the story.

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Aghaz-E-Aftaab آغاز-ی-آفتاب

ان کی اجلی ہوئی زندگی کو دیکھ کر ہم نے منہ موڑ لیا
یہ سوچ کے۔۔۔!

اجلا ہوا شخص ہمیں کیا سلجھے گا۔

Un Ki Uljeeh Hoi Zindagi Ko Dekh K Hum Ne Mu Mor Lia
Ya Soch K..!

Uljah Huwa Shakhs Hamain Kya Suljahy Gaa.

Writer Mr Moiz

دیکھا آنکھوں نے خط لکھا ہاتھوں نے پیر چل کے گئے خط دینے

جس نے دیکھا اس نے لکھا نہیں جس نے لکھا وہ گیا نہیں

اب جب چوٹ لگی دل پہ تو آنسو نکلے آنکھوں سے

DeKha AnKho Ne KhaAt Likha HaTo Ne Pair ChAl K Gay KhaAt DeNy..!

JiS Ne DeKhA UsNe LeKhA NaHi JiS Ne LiKhA Wo GaYa NaHi..!

Ab JaB ChOt LaGi Dil Pe ..! Tu AnSu NeKly AnKho Sy..*

Writer Mr_Moiz

اس بات کا دکھ نہیں کہ وہ کیوں چلے گئے!

دکھ تو اس بات کا ہے..!
اگر انہیں جانا ہی تھا تو وہ آئے کیوں.!

رائٹر معیز

Is Bat Ka Dukh Nahi K Wo Kyun Chaly Gay !

Dukh To Is Bat Ka Hai…!
Agar Unhe Jana He Tha To Wo Aay Kyun.!

Writer Mr_Moiz

تم سے محبت اس حد تک ہے
تم سے بچھڑے زمانے ہو گئے

عدالات میں مقدمہ-ی-مہبت آج بھی چل رہا ہے۔
رائیٹر معیز

Tum Say Muhabbat Is Had Tak Hai.
Tum Say Bechray Zamany Ho Gay.

Adalat Main Muqadma-e-Muhabbat Aj Bhi Chal Raha Hai.

Writer Mr_Moiz

لوگوں سے کیا گلا!
ہم سے تو بارش کی بھی دشمنی ہے!

تب تب برستی ہے !
جب جب دل أداس ہوتا ہے!

رائیٹر معیز

Logo Say Kia Gila!
Hum Say To Barish Ki Bhi Dushmani Hai !!

Tab Tab Barasti Hai
Jab Jab Dil Udas Hota Hai…!

Writer Mr_Moiz

مت کہو انہیں بے وفا!
وہ بے وفا نہیں!


محبت ھم کرتے ھیں!
وہ نہیں!

رائٹر معیز

Mat Kaho Unhe Bewafa!
Wo Bewafa Nahi!


Muhabbat Hum Karty Hain!
Wo nahi!

Writer Mr_Moiz

تم سے محبت اس حد تک ہے!

” کے”

اپنے ہی محفل میں اپنے ہی “رقیب” کو پہلی ہی صف میں بٹھا دیتے ہیں

رائٹر معیز

Tum Sy Muhabbat Is Had Tak Hai !


Apne He Mehfil Main Apne He Raqeeb Ko Pheli Hi Saf Main Betha Detain Hain.

Write Mr. Moiz

سر قلم کر دیا گیا بیچ سڑک میں۔

قتل-ی-محبت جو تھا
سازا تو ملنی ہی تھی۔

رائٹر معیز

Sir Kalam Kar Dia Gaya Beech Sadak Main

Qatal-E-Muhabbat Jo Tha Saza To Milne He Thin

Writer Mr.Moiz