Exhilarating Watermelon Juice

Cooling, hydrating watermelon juice - quick and easy to prepare.

Emotional Sedation!!

Emotions play a substantial role in how we conduct ourselves. But, what happens when emotions take a day off??

A window to count on!!

Jugalbandi - A free spirited girl, confined in the prison of norms, culture and society.

Covet for reminiscence!!

Essence of capturing each moment. Each photograph comes along with an attache of emotions.

Where the Light touches the Earth!!

10 day letter writing challenge - letter to dream destination


10 day letter writing challenge - letter to time.

This too shall pass!!

10 day letter writing challenge - Letter to my present self

Breathing space!!

Mother Nature enjoys a well deserved 'breathing space' and a break from the mistreatment, as the world faces a 'Lock down'.