Tapered Trouser

Tapered trouser outfit

Tapered trouser refers to a pant style which is lose at the waist and narrows down to the ankle. It comes in various fabrics and can be used for formal wear as well as casual wear.

For today’s outfit of the day, Panache Le Glittercut brings to you tapered trouser outfit perfect for office or a day out.

Outfit: Tapered Trouser

tapered trouser outfit with a satin blouse and gold mules
Tapered trouser outfit

As we can see in the image, a fine pleated satin blouse in bottle green shade with puff sleeves is worn with a tan shaded tapered trousers.

The top is tucked from the front while it has been let loose at the back. This has several reasons, among which most important is, it adds layers to the outfit and it covers the behind falling in line with out modest fashion concept.

For hijab, we chose a light gold satin stole to compliment the outfit.


The buckle belt on the trouser adds oomph to complete attire, hence, not much accessories come to play, except a statement ring with stones in shades of brown and gold.

To elevate the look, I have opted for a high heel golden mules which falls in line with the tan shade of the trouser and the hijab while giving company to the golden belt detail on the trouser.

Pro Tip:

Many different shoes can be paired with the outfit like flats, wedges, stilettoes or strap sandals. However, the color of the shoes and style should be taken into consideration.

I envision a look for the day to be classy, chic and elegant, hence, I paired with high heeled mules.

In order to give a casual relaxed look, the outfit can be paired with wedges or flats.

So, before deciding on the outfit, decide how you want to dress for the day.

Do let us know in the comments below, how you liked our out of the day.

And do not forget to smile.

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