Modest Fashion

Modest Fashion

What makes an outfit modest and stand out from the regular attire.

It is a term growing globally while being adopted widely by girls and women of all ages, races, castes and cultures. 

With modest fashion comes numerous benefits.

In this Panache Le Glittercut post, we aim to enlighten women who aspire to master modest attire along with its pros. 

WHAT is Modest Fashion?

Modest attire refers to a dressing style that is covered, decent and follows particular guidelines, which we will see later in the article. A modest outfit may or may not include a hijab (headscarf).

An outfit gets labelled as modest with the following checkpoints:

  • The attire is not figure-hugging.
  • The fabric isn’t see-through. For a sheer fabric garment, it’s layered with innerwear or outerwear.
  • The outfit doesn’t highlight the bosom shape and making it prominent. 
  • The length of the top should preferably be right below your hip to conceal your behinds.
  • The fitting of the outfit is an essential factor of modest fashion. Ensure it is loose-fitting and conceals your body frame.

All of the above, fulfilled will get your entry into modest fashion, however, adding a headscarf or an appropriate hijab covering your hair and neck is when it gets into the hijab fashion.   


It is all about perspective. Some may feel liberated in exposing and freedom to move around without the need of covering. 

While others feel liberated by the ability to move, perform, excel and strive while being covered and dressed modestly. We will see why is it beneficial to dress modestly.

  • No pressure of staying in good shape
  • No bad hair days
  • Layers, if added perfectly transforms the attire elegantly.
  • Blocks out to eve-teasing and distressing catastrophes
  • Modest fashion is utterly comfortable and easy to carry
  • Can be styled in all kinds of trend; boho, chic, classy, casual, street style, formals, quirky, ethnic and many more.
  • Modest fashion can take you on a pinnacle of elegant dressing with long skirts, maxi dresses, flairs and layers.
  • Modest attire never goes out of style.
  • Offers a wide choice of mixing, matching and paring option with just a handful collection of apparels. So, there are no repeats with an outfit. 
  • Enable you to have basics in your wardrobe at all times as your backup.
  • Faux Pas with modest fashion is the rarest of possibilities.
  • Confidence becomes the second nature for people with modest attire.
  • Most importantly, how you put yourself across is the way others will treat you. And, modest fashion claims respect whenever and wherever. 
  • Last but not the least, it empowers you and frees you from all judgements. It allows us to prove our worth by our performance, goals, achievements and not just our body and appearances.
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Modest Outfit saves you from unwanted attention and glares.


Modesty does not entirely lie with your outfit but with your nature and character. 

So, no matter how anyone judges you, be confident in yourself.

Look Good, Feel Good, and all just for yourself. 

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