Royal Blue Dress

A Royal Blue Dress

The company I worked for, its logo was of baby pink and baby blue, it always caught my interest and since then it has been one of my favorite combinations.

To go a little overboard and try out, panache le glittercut brings to you a bold outfit idea in the sense of color codes.

Royal Blue monochrome gown with a hot pink hijab, as shown in the image below.

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A royal blue dress with a hot pink hijab

A royal blue chiffon / georgette fabric styled as a gown. A long maxi dress of plain straight line cut comes with a waist monochrome fabric belt. The dress is paired with a hot pink pashmina hijab.

As we can see the dress is in chiffon and is unicolor, hence, accessorizing and playing around with the color pairing is always a lot of fun.

To begin with, we have paired it with hot pink hijab with gold base accessories along with a dash of white.

The pashmina hijab is commonly used as it is soft, easy to manage and takes good shape. Some hijabs are of other fabric but can give you a tough time managing it. Hence, always ensure the hijab texture and fabric you choose is comfortable and most importantly complimenting your outfit. (you can’t be wearing a cotton hijab on a silk dress)

The attire is a perfect fit for work, casual setting or a subtle event.


A plain maxi dress in royal blue shade of chiffon fabric styled in a straight cut pattern. A hot pink hijab is added to the look making it a perfect color riot.

The look is finalized with a long pearl necklace, a big pink stone ring and a white n gold mule as shoes.

With this we complete our royal Blue monochrome gown with a hot pink hijab look.

Pro Tips: To pair a Royal Blue Dress

The other colors which can be paired with the royal blue are beige, rose gold, lemon yellow, white and gold.

However, There may be other tons of shades which can compliment the royal-ness of the blue, do comment below for more colors.

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