Wrap Around

Wrap Around Top.

For our Panache Le Glittercut segment, we bring to you a swanky accoutre, ‘Wrap Around Top’.

As we have recently celebrated Eid Al Adha, A festival celebrated with great zeal and devotion.

Therefore, This post is following our Eid Special post, bringing to you our Eid attire.

wrap around top with a lace skirt and a sequined clutch.
Wrap Around Top

Fabric Details

I would like to highlight the fabric used in the wrap-around top. it is an old-school taffeta cloth. A popular fabric used since the good old days. The fabric has a beautiful rose gold texture reflecting light and giving out an elegant subtle golden shine. The fun fact is the fabric comes in various colours and textures.

The wrap-around top in taffeta fabric comes with balloon sleeves and a ‘V’ neck. The ‘V’ neck is a facile outcome of the two ends of the open-top enfolding your waist. The one and a half wrap around the waist is to be fastened with a graceful knot.

(The knot slid in my pic. Pl, ensure to fasten it tight enough or at least make sure it is in place when clicking a picture.

Facepalm Apple Emoji transparent PNG - StickPNG

Mod balloon sleeves on the top are the cherry on the cake, pepping the top and adding to its final details.

I had seen the top on Shein.com, I fell in love and bought it. However, the main challenge was when it arrived.

When I opened the packet, a rush of excitement and confusion ran through me.

The quality and beautiful texture were accountable for my excitement, but, the challenge to pair it with an appropriate bottom was guilty of my confusion.

The outfit.

After a lot of brainstorming and trials, I settled with the black straight-cut lace skirt. To go with the elegance of the top, the fabric of the bottom was an essential factor. As it would either make or break the outfit.

Hence, the black skirt, keeping its fabric and the concept of modest fashion was finalized, as I had it available in my wardrobe.

The outfit is then paired with a golden high heeled mule and a black hijab. The look is completed with a two-tone sequined clutch.

Do comment below, how would you pair it.

To grab your wrap-around top, click here.

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