Since 1848, appeals for women rights have stormed the globe.

The first rally at Seneca Falls, New York, was the formal commencement of the movement for women rights. 

However, over time, around 1960, claims to women rights began to take a twist and branched out into Feminism and Women Empowerment.

Feminism, as we all have heard more of it than the latter, is the belief and advocacy of social, political and economical equal rights of women. Feminism in its original form is just all about equal rights and equal opportunities. 

Since feminism is a concept that can barely deliver the desired outcomes for several instances, I will not be investing much of my time speaking about feminism. 

In a nutshell, it is all about equal rights, positions, responsibilities, stature along with standings and opportunities as men. However, in my opinion, it is nearly impossible as nothing about women is as same as men. The constitution of women’s creation is poles apart. Except for being humans, no other aspect about a female equals that of a man. Emotional composition, physical composition, interests, needs, necessities and more do not go hand in hand for a man and woman.

Being this said, I will move on to the other branchlet of women rights. 

Women empowerment.

Women empowerment is described as accepting women’s viewpoints or making an effort to seek them, raising the status of women through education, awareness, literacy, and training.

In my opinion, women are born empowered. All they require is the right mindset, perception, upbringing, exposure, education, support and strength.

It brings to my mind the classic example of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). Ranked as no.1 in the topmost 100 influential men by Micheal Hart. Who had it all sorted out for the women of the world 1400 years ago. His law entitled women to everything that women rights’ reformers are still struggling to gain. We already enjoy the privileges like, right to vote, inheritance, property ownership, education, knowledge, career. And, most important, self-love and respect. 

However, all over the globe, women are being compromised of their rights and basic needs. Sometimes, in the name of culture, race, caste or society or merely to suppress her. 

Moreover, with increasing awareness of women empowerment and women rights becoming widespread, it has evolved in various forms.

A form for resolving and creating awareness about comprehensive issues like equal pay, women in a leadership role, women work-life balance, etc.

And, the majority are committed to raising appeals, awareness and eliminating the burning issues. Issues such as rape, dowry, domestic violence, abuse, harassment, acid attacks and many more are still making it top to the headlines of every newspaper, be in whichever country you are. It is atrocious for women in this era to be exploited even in the 21st Century.

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So, how can a woman be empowered without even being treated like one?

She can’t be privileged while being objectified and degraded in ways beyond imagination.

I will highlight a few headline snippets of such tragedies from all over the world. 

They read as follows:

News 1, India: Girl commits suicide in dowry case

News 2, India: Girl Murdered in dowry case

News 3, London: A teenage girl, 13, and a woman, 63, acid attacked. 

News 4, UAE: Pandemic leads to more domestic violence cases. 

And, the list is never-ending

With all these crimes and offences, women empowerment is a far-fetched dream which can only fall in line once they have access to fundamental rights and freedom. 

And these issues can only be tackled when dealt with at the grassroots. 

For you to take away. 

A woman is a unique creation who has the privilege of carrying a generation within her.

There will be no need for movements like women empowerment or feminism if our boys are raised right and taught to respect the opposite sex. While ensuring our girls are bought up strong, aware of their rights, educated and self-respecting. 

To tolerate injustice and inequity is a crime.

Thank you.

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