For our Panache Le Glittercut segment, we have a boho kimono styled with denim trousers. ‘Boho-Chic’.

As our fashion segment continues to grow, we take a leap and dedicate this post to trying out an edgy look.

By edgy look, we refer to trying out new fashion ideas and outfits. Personally, I am a fan of quirky fashion and love to explore the idea too.

And, for all our readers, your opinion, comments are of high value and much awaited. SO, do give us an honest review about our outfit ideas.

Let us begin.

Boho Kimono

A cream camisole worn in-shirt with Mom Jeans having torn details is paired with a beige scarf. The look is completed with the show stopper of our post, ‘Boho asymmetric long kimono’. The kimono is multicoloured with nude shades of brown, beige, green and rose gold. Allowing us to experiment with various options of pairing and opt for a colour trio.

For jewelery, we have a rose gold watch and a ring.

However, as the edgy look needed a streak of elegance, we have paired it with strap heel sandals.

Do let us know how you like the relaxed summer boho-chic look.

asymmetric bohemian kimono

Fossil Rose Gold Watch.

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