The Boot Story

For our Panache Le Glittercut, we have an infrequent element as the show stopper for our post, Thigh-High Boots.

Thigh high boots

These thigh boots have enjoyed fame right through 17th century to the 19th century and now are making a come back with chic individuals.

Thigh – high boots are an go-to option for the winters without a doubt. However, for summers, it really isn’t the best choice, unless you pair it with casual shorts and mini skirts or a cool summer dress, which are contradicting to the niche of our blog ‘modest fashion’. (If you have ideas to don a thigh boot in summers, please do share. Would love to explore and try out new ideas).

For summer outfit with boots ideas, click here.

In our post, we have a thigh high boot winter outfit post.

As seen in the image, an A-Line light grey woolen midi dress is paired with our boots.

The dress is finalized with a black hijab (head scarf) and black canteen bag. A black ring fulfills the accessories requirement.

Stay tuned for more ‘boot stories’ coming your way.

How did you like the look? Do you have other ideas for thigh-high boots, would love to try it out myself? comment below.

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