Swanky Onesies

Parallel Cut Jumpsuit

We make a come back to our Panache Le Glittercut with an interesting fashion idea.

The Onesies. Commonly known as Jumpsuit, playsuits or bodysuits.

As seen in the above image, a straight pattern loose jumpsuit in flashy bumble bee yellow is well paired with a white casual blazer. The color riot in this outfit is then completed by pairing it with Egyptian blue hijab.

To accentuate the look, the jumpsuit is then coupled with a gold waist metallic belt.

The attire is complete with white and golden mules.

Jewelry: A simple gold ring decks the outfit, just fine.

Coming to our second and the final onesies of the post.

Floral Print Jumpsuit

Similar to the previous bodysuit, this as well is straight pattern but in floral print.

The flowy cotton floral jumpsuit comes with a dramatic knot at the neck. Needing not much attention to accessorizing.

The jumpsuit is worn with a plain black tee and a red head scarf. Black stilettoes completes the look.

Do let us know in the comments below, how did you like the look, and would you be willing to try it out with your jumpsuits.

Also, in the coming post, we will be discussing what makes hijab fashion different from the regular fashion.

Stay tuned.

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    1. Oh you should still try it all out and im sure you pull it off so much better all with your confidence and pleasing personality..
      That’s what truly matters.

      1. Aww. Thanks a lot for the tip. I’m going to check it out. (I wouldn’t have minded it even if affiliate marketing was involved 😉)

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