What ‘Fish’ are you?

10 years of service comes to an end on 1st March 2020, the day when the lockdown was announced. The organization unable to bear the blow, collapsed leaving us unemployed.
As anyone would do, I started job hunting while spreading the word. Finally, in June 2020 I got an interview call after getting turned down from many places.

Favorably, I attended the interview and got accepted.

This was the first time since my 12th grade I was going to work for a different firm.
The old organization, a start-up school, took me in as a fresher for the post of an assistant teacher. Therefore, my job was going hand in hand with my Bachelorette evening college. Years passed by, my career ladder escalated to the management level with the school size.
The school now with three branches had shaped me, molded me into a highly professional being.
I was the big fish in the big pond.
But, the pond dried up.

The new firm provider of various consultancy services was my introduction to what is called the ‘corporate world’.
I was appointed for an executive-level, backed by the excuse of no corporate experience. A downgrade for sure.

My experience was multifaceted, be it technology, events, correspondence, social media management, assisting the auditor, graphic designing, CRMs, ERPs and everything in between had helped me keep my edges sharp.

But, again it was just a school.

By the time, the school had shut its doors to its students, I had obtained my Master’s degree.

To keep up with the compliance while enhancing the service quality requires dedication, teamwork, leadership, and all the attributes which any other organization would require to function successfully, in fact even more.
Yet, my experience failed to receive its due want.

However, after 8 months at the new start-up venture, my horizons have broadened. My career flight is yet again positioned in takeoff mode. Thanks to the leaders here, their flexibility, leadership skills, is allowing me to explore more learning and improvement areas for myself.

Once more, I see myself as the growing fish in a steadily growing pond (fingers crossed).

Working with start-ups has its perks; the setup phase allows you to try out your skills and make a mark for good.
The boss is approachable, ensuring your ideas don’t go unheard.
Minimal room for dirty office politics, etc. The probability of promotion is high.

The business world is surely densely vast comprising of all kinds of people, the good and the bad, and without doubt poles apart from a school’s environment.

It also has a lot to offer, a vigilant soul has to never let go of a profitable opportunity.

Do read and let me know your views.

Are you a big fish or a small fish? How about your pond, is it big or small?
Do you have anything to add, comment below?

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