Oscar de la Renta, once famously said, ‘Fashion is about dressing according to what is fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.’

Being a woman of style, I believe that our outfits are not just about what we wear but how we present ourselves in them.  Having said this, fashion  is merely clothing if not paired appropriately with confidence, a pleasant disposition and of course, a smile. 

A good outfit enhances our confidence when it is appropriate and enjoyable to wear at the same time. Speaking of which we bring you the SOFIA – AZTEC burkini by LYRA Swimwear.

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Sofia Aztec Modest Swimwear/Burkini

Advocating modest attire, Panache Le Glittercut by brings the finest choice of an enclosed swimwear line to its readers. 

LYRA swimwear recognizes the needs of being covered along with the desire to relish a great swim. 

LYRA swimwear has popularized a wide range of Burkinis, cracking the challenge for many veiled women who would like to swim and yet adopt a modest style of swimwear, along with the haters of tan and sunburns. 

As an aquaphile hijabi, it was love at first sight with SOFIA AZTEC by LYRA Swimwear. 

Inspired by surf suits, SOFIA AZTEC is fashioned with active-drying, chlorine- resistant, high-quality swimwear fabric, safeguarding its users with UPF 50+ protection.

A SOFIA-AZTEC unit encompasses the following to ensure protection, covering while flattering feminity:

  1. Swim-top: fitted bodysuit with front zip and contrast Aztec print.
  2. Swim-leggings: ankle-length swim leggings with an elasticated mid-waist fit.
  3. Skirt: detachable swim skirt for optional added coverage.
  4. Swim cap: fitted chic swim turban, with ruche detailing.
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Burkini by Lyra Swimwear.

Sporting a SOFIA-AZTEC modest swimwear/burkini comprises assorted leverages as such:

  • It is smart, sporty and comes in great patterns and colours. 
  • Never will the lifeguard at any water activity turn you away. 
  • You won’t look like a Bohemian out  for a dive. 
  • The harsh sun will not damage your skin.
  • With the chic turban, you need not worry about your kooky hair or losing any of it due to the chlorine. 
  • The sarong/skirt affixes easily, complimenting the suit gracefully.
  • The sterling fabric facilitates easy gliding through the water.,.
  •  It is easy to wear and remove, so you don’t waste precious moments of your swim time.  Never will you feel like a misfit and if you do attract attention, it will not be for the wrong reasons.  
  • It is affordable and comes in various options and offers. 

Do check it out on 

And, do have a look at their vibrant Instagram handle, here.

Do let us know in the comments below, have you experienced swimwear faux pas? How did you tackle it? Will you be willing to give SOPHIA-AZTEC swimwear a shot?

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