The Butterfly Effect (Guest Post)

An infinite universe, billions of galaxies, one Milky Way, the solar system, the earth, a population of 7 billion and then there’s you. It’s hard to believe that anything you do matter.
Have you guys heard of the butterfly effect?
The butterfly effect is a doctoral thesis written in 1963 by Edward Lawrence. It was presented to the New York Academy of science but everyone found incredulous and laughed it off cause the butterfly
effect stated the mere fluttering of the wings of a butterfly on one side of the world could send molecules of air into motion that would move other molecules of air which would eventually move other molecules of air and this could create a hurricane on the other side of the planet.
Now this seems insane but interesting to say the least and so the theory stuck around for several years in Urban legend, movies and books until finally in the mid 90s the theory was found to be true and not just with butterflies but it worked with any form of moving matter including humans.
The model of the butterfly effect was made by Edward to predict the weather. He noticed that even if there was the slightest of change at the beginning of the model it would change drastically and this is the message the steps at the starting of the chain have the power to change the end of
everything and you can be the starting of the chain. Every action that you take has the power to change the world.
Now why don’t we talk about a few instances that have taken place in the past and the present that prove the butterfly effect.
The cloudy weather over the city of Kokura in Japan made it hard for the American bombers during the World War II to drop the atomic bombs but what ever small factors may have contributed to this cloudy day led to these bombers turning around and dropping the bombs over another city with clear skies and this city was Nagasaki. Imagine it was the weather that led to an entire city to be wiped to ashes leaving generations crippled. Every little thing matters even the clouds above your head.
A young boy in Europe was rejected multiple times from this art school that he really wanted to attend and because of this rejection he went on to shape his metamorphosis from an aspiring art student to what can only be said as the human manifestation of pure evil and this boy was Adolf Hitler. What if Hitler had actually gotten into art school maybe he could’ve been the next Van Gogh but what he ended up doing was lead one of the deadliest genocide in recent history The brutal murder of George Floyd by the police in the US triggered tornadoes all around the world as the black lives matter protest. When the officer held George Floyd down on the ground with his knee on his neck he never suspected that this one action, that this incident would prove to be the beginning of a chain of events and we all know how it went down.

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A wave travelling miles

My family along with this other family went to Kanyakumari and just like any other tourists we too decided to visit the Vivekananda rock memorial. The night before my dad and the other uncle let’s just say they partied a bit too much and so they overslept and that in turn resulted in us missing the last ferry to the rock and so we cancelled plans and instead went to watch a movie and this was December 26, 2004 the day the devastating 2004 tsunami hit Kanyakumari. I never thought I’d say this but that ladies and gentlemen is how alcohol saved my life.
Or if we take into consideration of where the world is right now what if a small change was made at the beginning of the chain what if the necessary precautionary steps were taken right after the first patient. Would the world be a different place? Would we be going out for a stroll with no masks on?
Would I physically be in front of y’all and not a computer screen? Would you be shaking hands and not squirting hand sanitizer?
These are just instances on what can occur when the butterfly effect is shown and that small changes or one small thing happening can change the lives of millions of people. The reason for this theory’s existence is because we can’t really predict what these small changes are going to be. So
you have to realise that the butterfly effect is not something you’re gonna see happening as it goes along.You’re not gonna be able to see someone tripping on the street and think wow that guy tripping has led to him going to the hospital where he falls in love eventually falls out of love
develops a hatred against women and ends up going on a killing spree. We can never predict that. I know what your thinking that turned dark pretty quick didn’t it.
The only way to combat the butterfly effect affecting us negatively is to live the best life we can and to act in the right ways as often as we can and now if any of you believe in the butterfly effect then do believe that a small positive vibration can change the entire Cosmos.
An infinite universe, billions of galaxies, one Milky Way, the solar system, the earth, a population of 7 billion and then there’s you.
Thank you!

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About Freya Thomas. A second year law student that considers herself the queen of procrastination with a love for art.

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