Its all about new beginnings!

Why GlitterCut???

“Glitter”, everything that sparkles, shines gives a happy feeling, a positive vibe. When you think of glitter, you think of celebration, status and it symbolizes different memories for different individuals.

“Cut”, is used in various instances. It means style, fashion, on the other hand, refers to wounds, bruises, scars, and memory for many.

Myself, Irut, creator of the blog ‘’ brings you a platform to share, discussion, blog a little on everything. From love, life, heartbreaks, parenting, single parenting to fashion, modest fashion, hijab modeling, and moreeee.

I chose the name ‘GlitterCut’, as it talks about bringing sparkles, happiness (Glitter) into our lives in spite of being scarred (Cut). A blog dedicated to all with several new beginnings and many more to come and to those who seek inspiration to start afresh. To interact, communicate… I call upon our readers to come forward and share their stories, experience or anything worth sharing with the world.

This blog will be weekly with an open platform to comment, review, share on the ‘ongoing blog’.

SO!! Let’s come together and do this.

Drop your response or any suggestions about what my next blog post should be.

However, I am planning to make it about ‘How our upbringing effects our personality and the decisions we take in life’.

Stay blessed, love and be loved.

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